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The gaming industry combines the creations of a huge number of developers with similar and radically different ideas. In this case, some developers even have a profile, according to which they release their offspring. In this way, the best option for playing on slot machines will be the works of companies that release games exclusively of this direction, because only in this case one can be sure of the high level of quality of the final product. That is why Netent slots are very popular and number tens and even hundreds of thousands of fans around the world. After all, what can be better than a pleasant pastime after gambling after a long day of work?

We have prepared for you the 15 most popular gaming machines NetEnt

Reasons for playing online

There are entire portals where you can not only get acquainted with the huge number of slot machines of this company, but also learn more about them. Folders with screenshots, a lot of clips with the game process and detailed descriptions for all the components of the game all the necessary material is freely available and is conveniently located on the pages of the portals. Also, they give advice to newcomers and understand certain game strategies, and for most of the presented games. All users are free mode for all machines, using which you can perfectly train yourself, or try to use the tactics already known to the world. To do this, you do not need to register, so the training process usually goes quietly and without unnecessary worries.

If there are skeptics claiming that no virtual versions will replace the good old slot machine, let's hasten to assure that the only obvious difference between generations is the view through the monitor, and not the transparent glass, as it was before. In addition, now there is an opportunity to control the game process, the size of payments, bets, visual and sound effects and even the speed of rotation of the reels. Previously used the theory of probability, today, its role is played by the generator of random numbers.

Bonus mode

The main difference of the new generation of gambling is the possibility of introducing special levels that become available after the activation of various combinations of pictures. The introduction of additional features, mini-games and bonus levels encourages user interest, reduces stress, and allows you to relax a little because of a change of scenery, decorations, or design. In the new vending machines, it was possible to double the amount won, accumulate a bonus, free spins, additional rounds for two or even for three actions, on the passage of which the player is given the choice of pick a multiplier or increase the total amount.

Netent also delivers slots with multi-way bonus games, in the simplest variations of which the player is given the opportunity to activate random symbols giving different bonuses. The so-called scatters, which give cash payments regardless of their location. It turns out that the money goes to the account even if the scatter is not on the line, and free games are run with a multiplier for each win.

Differences between generations of slot machines

The slot machines on the mechanics had their limitations, at the same time slots from the present offer more combinations for victory and every opportunity. The average number of lines is from 5 to 50, so you can imagine how much the chance to disrupt big jackpot. Partner casinos offer users more than two hundred slot machines, the winning lines are from 1 to 243. There are also games with additional screens that display game statistics, or bonus levels that should not be neglected for the following reasons. The game in the bonus mode is given in order to earn additional odds by the amount of the winnings or simply to increase the earnings, which in any case is beneficial. In this way, it is easy to calculate how many times the victory on a modern machine will exceed the winnings from a stationary machine. In sum, all the advantages of new types of gaming devices persuade users to use this option for good pastime.

To top off the story, you need to note that the game online does not require the user to go to special institutions and spend time on the road, you just need to open the browser on your PC and go to the link, many saved in bookmarks. Thus, the time interval between the desire to play and the launch of drums is reduced simply to a miserable size. If you want to check your luck on the road, you can install the application on a smartphone or tablet (in rare cases, the optimal the option is exactly the same input on the site, only using its mobile version, through the browser of the smartphone). To constantly monitor your balance and achievements, it is also possible to install the application on your computer, thereby making monitoring is continuous. A lot of opportunities are open to those for whom passion - not just a word.