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Slot machine Aliens - become a gambler and destroy aliens on 15 lines of payments

Each manufacturer of slot machines certainly has a project that is considered their "ninth symphony" and NetEnt has Aliens slots. Emulator for the universe "Aliens" made a real sensation among fans of the franchise, and among fans of slots. At the first start you will understand that the developer really put his soul into this project, well, for starters, you might want to learn about its main features. Unprepared to go to war with Aliens not the most tactful option.

Collect multipliers, cartridges and fight your way to the Queen of xenomorphs

The game process in the slot machine Aliens is divided into 3 stages: the usual rotation of the drums and fries of the back, where you as an infantryman first destroy the monsters in the dark corridors, and then into the hive. Any winning spin fills one of the 10 cells in the upper parts of the screen. Once they are all occupied, the second stage automatically starts, which looks like a typical "shooter" from the first person:

  • A soldier steps along the corridor with an assault rifle
  • The default is 1 clip
  • Moving forward, the fighter will search the bodies of his co-workers and find more ammunition
  • If the ammunition is over, then the round ends at the next attack of the aliens
  • Having successfully completed 10 stages, the infantryman will pass to the final battle

Destroy the den of monsters and take away the super prize

The final battle takes place in the hive of xenomorfs, where the Queen lays eggs, which you need to destroy with the help of grenades. The battle in the lair lasts as long as you have shells or until you blow up all the eggs. Follow the progress you will help a special scale, divided into 4 parts. Having defeated the Queen, you will receive more than 3000 coins. With a shortage of grenades, you will return to the first stage and be able to shoot again in the evil alien, collecting the payout multipliers in this case.

Know the enemy in person ... well, or by color

Hardcore fans certainly know the classification of all the aliens, but we will limit ourselves to color designations so that you know which of the monsters in the Aliens gaming machine is more valuable:

  • Red x1000
  • Yellow x500
  • Green x300
  • Blue x150
  • Black x100

The so-called faces of the corresponding color are depicted on the remaining signs and have multipliers from x70 to x30. Note: these coefficients work with combinations of 5 identical pictures. With the other factors you can more details see the payout table that opens with the "i" button in the lower left of the screen.

Evaluate the Aliens device from NetEnt in either of two modes: free and for money. If you cope with the alien threat as well as Lieutenant Ripley, then immediately go for real winnings. The aliens do not have a chance, so check that it's charged Have a rifle and put on a couple of extraterrestrial asses!