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Creatures is a stimulant of life. Play and enjoy the Norns exciting!

In 1997, Cyberlife Technology developed a unique game that made a furor among fans of the strategy genre. Creatures - this is the name that the gamers of the 90s enjoyed. The meaning of the game is that you need to grow mythical creatures - norns.

As pets, small norns require constant care from their "master". Over time, they self-train, and the gamer moves to a new level. The fantasy island of Albia, on which cute creatures live - is very colorful. Player will act as a manager and monitor how the norns grow and develop.

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An unusual game is a stimulant of life. You can see how the characters reflect, exchange information among themselves, learn and gain experience. The function of the genetic designer allows you to track the genetic tree.

Features of the game Creatures

In the unusual Creatures you can play around the clock. Saturated with colors, unusual annotations and funny characters - it captivates anyone. Get acquainted with megapopular game easily right on the current page of the portal. You can develop norns completely for free. For fans of playing outside the house, it can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet.

It's easy to play in reatures. The interface of the game has instructions, with the help of which it is easy to get out of a situation that at first sight seemed complicated. Tips in the form of codes and disclosure of secrets - everything is done to help the player.

Now you have a whole virtual world. How will it develop? Everything depends only on the life-governed norn. It's easy to feel like a god, is not it?

Juicy colors, similarity with cartoon stories, unobtrusive music - pleasant additions to the world of magic of the island of Albia. Another feature of the game Creatures is the wide coverage of the target audience. Sit an hour or two, growing a new world, will be interesting for the child and the person of retirement age. Any gamer, once acquainted with this wonderful game, forever remains her fan.

Not so long ago came the third version of the game. In the development and was announced - the fourth. Each new version is supplemented by new characters and functions. With digital technology, Creatures is complemented by incredible special effects and crazy beautiful graphics.