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Slot machine The Wish Master - Test yourself for strength and stamina

The slot machine from Net Entertainment "The Wish Master" - will fulfill all your most secret desires. The presence of the spirit of the genie will make your journey through the expanses of the gambling world, mysterious and unpredictable. Imagine, already at the very beginning of the game, you seem to be immersed in a mysterious cave, enveloped in a light haze, which brings a magical note to your first steps. Here everything attracts with treasures and riches, just do not rush to be tempted by the left gifts, one wrong act, and you can pay for your greed.

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Well-drawn graphics using modern technology and quality sound, will make your trip more than real. The Wish Master play is becoming more interesting.

The emulator consists of 5 reels and 20 independent active lines. The main feature of calculating winnings is that the combinations are taken into account only from left to right. Perhaps this is the machinations of black magic, to complicate your life. But it was not there! Player gets a unique opportunity to take advantage of 7 scrolls with desires, which will certainly lead him to victory.

Machine Interface

The design is done in gloomy colors, where gray and black colors absorb all light and bright colors. In such a dungeon, sunlight is not easy to break through. The control panel is made in Arabic style, and is highly available and compact.

Bonuses and Symbols

The scrolls with desires activate additional rotations and multiply the winnings. At the same time, only 3 functions can be accessible. Each new scroll reinforces the previous one, and adds an additional 5 spins.

A wild symbol is the image of a lamp with a genie. In addition there are two floating wild images, which on each rotation open on the drum. Also prize-winning, maybe the entire drum, if a scatter appeared on it. Sometimes in a chaotic order, two or three multipliers will be active, their joint work will bring you a sixfold multiplication.

It is impossible to imagine even a more advantageous machine. Where else can I combine several prize functions at the same time? The incentive system for users in the slot is simply unbelievable.

Demo mode

For the most cautious users a demo version is provided, which can be active without any replenishment and insertions. Meet with the genie, and test yourself for durability is completely free, and besides, without risking financial attachments. If you are afraid to lose - reinsume yourself and learn how to win in a magical emulator. Play in & nbsp; & laquo; The Wish Master & raquo; now easier than simple.

NetEnt has done a great job, and has created great entertainment for you, which combines fun with the game, and a variety of prizes and awards. Make your leisure more entertaining. Enough to be burdened with the routine routine of everyday life, after all there are so many interesting and new things in life. It's time to expand the boundaries of comfort and gain courage to enter the incredible world of pleasure with a quick and determined gait. Mistress of Fortune will illuminate your path and show you the way. Remains only risk and, without doubting, go ahead to meet insane wins and jackpots. Become the creator of your own happy life!