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The casino refuses to withdraw money - who can help?

Playing in an online casino, unfortunately, you may face a delay in payments or, at all, with a refusal to pay the winnings. First of all, you should contact the representatives of the institution by mail and ask to clarify the situation. Your the request will be processed by our specialists and you will receive the necessary assistance. If you are not registered by our partner links and when you contact the operators of the hall you receive another refusal, there is already a dread of worry, so accept your further actions, based on the reason why you can not pay your money.

Rules for using bonus policy are violated

In this case, open the club rules and find the point referenced by the support representatives. If you understand that you really violated it, the appeal to technical support is unlikely to end with the withdrawal of your funds. In any case, it's worth trying rectify the situation. To do this, in your letter, indicate that you are playing for money in a casino and are a loyal player, so ask to go to a meeting.

Difficulties with verification

In some cases, the refusal to pay is due to the fact that you can not successfully complete the verification & mdash; verification of the client's personal data, for example, due to poor quality of documents. In this case, you should follow these steps:

  • If you want to withdraw a large amount of money in a casino, you can poison the financial department with photo copies of documents that damage your identity, after having assured them at the notary. The fact is that such a service is paid;
  • To verify the address of residence, you can send a certificate from the housing and communal services or the bank that is issued when you open the account

Refusal of payment without explanation of the reason

The casino has the right to refuse withdrawal, without explaining the situation. If it is cut off by operators to not withdraw your money, here are your next steps:

  • Contact the game board that advocates for the protection of gamers' rights, for example, Everymatrix. Be sure to write and organizations for games that work with Netent licenses, including the Maltese Commission and the British;
  • If the amount of output is really large, contact NetNet itself by sending an email in English

So, we will help you if for some reason you refuse to withdraw money. The main thing is to register on the links of our partners, and you will always be protected!